Types of sites. What is a Landing Page?

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Landing Page

Landing— a one-page website with brief information about a product, service or event. The main task of such a site is to encourage the visitor to a certain action, for example, to buy, register, order, leave a request. Its goal is to turn visitors into customers.

How does the landing page work?

The user follows the link and gets to the site. On the first screen, he sees a title with a clear and specific sentence. If the offer is interesting, the visitor flips the page down with a familiar movement. Each subsequent block heats up interest in the product and removes objections. On the last screen, the user performs a target action: buys a product or leaves his contacts (name, email, phone number) to get what he is interested in.

Landing rule

There can be only 1 offer on such a site. There may be variations of this offer, by type, by color, by category. But it can’t be that completely different products are sold on the site. Lenidng presents only one main sentence.

Basic principles of building a landing page

структура сайт лендинг
This is a scheme of a selling landing page. The landing page consists of:
  1. Site header. a block that can consist of: company logo, website menu, contact information, contact button (call or write)
  2. An image that attracts attention. Looking at it, a person should understand which site he got to. It can be one or more images of your products or services, or it can be an image similar to the subject of your landing page. Or it can be just a design block without an image, which is used less often.
  3. Calls to action.In the form of bright buttons of the feedback form or pop-up (pop-up window). You can read more about pop-up windows here.
  4. Any promotions, discounts and limited offers
  5.  Advantages. A brief but succinct description of the advantages of your company. It is important to highlight what distinguishes you from your competitors.
  6. Trust triggers. These can be positive reviews, cases, portfolios, completed works, famous companies in partners, certificates and any of your achievements.
  7.  Basement siteа. You can place menus, contacts and links to social networks in it.

Corporate website

сайт визитка

One of the most common types of sites. The company’s website, where you can find all the information your client is interested in. The information is structured by sections and pages. The main purpose of corporate websites is to inform clients about the company’s field of activity, to form the necessary image and to help potential clients make a choice in favor of the company.

When visiting such a site, the user should have the feeling that he got into the virtual office of the company. The site should provide comprehensive information on most issues.

Basic principles of a corporate website

  1. Design in accordance with the corporate identity of the company
  2. Easy navigation, easy to find the right section and the right information
  3. Useful and up-to-date information about your company
  4. Контакты под рукой. Удобный переход в мессенджер, звонок по номеру или онлайн консультант на сайте

Online stores

Ecommerce web page

These are sites that sell goods or services over the Internet. Online stores are becoming one of the necessary and effective tools for increasing the number of sales of the enterprise, increasing turnover and improving the image, successful development.

Types of online stores

  1. Website catalog. This is a website that hosts a catalog of goods or services in addition to news, promotions or other information about the company. Each product (or service) card contains its detailed description, photos, technical specifications, etc. However, it is not possible to immediately purchase goods on the catalog site by clicking the “Buy” button. The main task of such a site is to familiarize the buyer with the assortment. and to sell the product either by telephone, after discussing all the details, or offline.
  2. Showcase website. This is no longer a catalog, because the full range is not published on the site. Only examples of manufactured products are shown. This kind of showcase.If the full catalog with articles is present on the site, then it is not displayed as a web page, but simply given the opportunity to download it by link or on request.
  3. Standard online store. A full range of product cards, their description, technical characteristics, variations, types, price, various images, payment on the website.

Functionality of the online store

  • Home page
  • Store page
  • Page of a separat
  • Product card
  • Similar products
  • Recommended products
  • Promotional products
  • Filtering products
  • Site Search
  • Personal account
  • Basket
  • Choice of delivery
  • Payment selection
  • The ability to add a product to favorites
  • Ability to compare products

Basic principles of online stores

  1. The most important thing is easy navigation on the site. Since such types of sites have a complex hierarchy and many pages
  2. High-quality product images in the same style
  3. Fast website loading
  4. Convenient purchase steps and delivery selection, without numerous unnecessary fields to fill in
  5. The basket is in sight
  6. Breakdown of goods by categories and types

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